Women Reclaiming AI

Women Reclaiming AI is collaborative AI Voice Assistant made by women for women

This project is in response to lack of gender diversity in the development of AI systems. The aim is to develop an AI voice assistant programmed through collaborative workshops with self-identifying women. Together we will create an AI assistant that reflects female identity, using a corpus of inspirational speech from women the collective admire. Through workshops we will explore possibilities for female led tech workspaces reflecting collaborative and sharing working practices reminiscent of creative female spaces such as quilting circles. The project will look for creative responses by women exploring gender identity in the future of AI.


AI voice assistants like Ok Google, Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Bixby use female names, identities, voices (as a response to pressure an increasing number now have an option to change the gender of the voice to male – although default to women). Studies revealed that both men and women respond more favourably to female speech and want their AI assistant to be ‘obedient and assisting.’ Culturally we are used to hearing female voices in subordinate/service roles and therefore on the whole we are more comfortable with a female voiced AI assistant. We do not want voice assistants to say ‘No’ to us – this is particularly problematic when research indicates virtual assistants find themselves fending off endless sexual solicitations and abuse from users. Some female AIs are programmed to deflect the comments, others respond with sassy, flirtatious comebacks, and some seemingly capitulate if users are persistent enough. What happened to – No Means No!?


Coral Manton - Birgitte Aga - Kate Potts - Hannah Wood - Georgina Conroy - Rachel Dobbs - Sophie Mellor - Women of Whitleigh - Camille Aubry - Kathy Hinde - Liz Lister - Heather Marks - Eleanor Jean - Alison Bancroft - Martha King - Penny Evans - Bex Ilsley - Lisa-Cay Dobinson - Demelza Lord - GT - Janet Vaughan - Guanghua Zhou - Elvia Vasconcelos - Mindy Chillery - Lucy Mulgrew - Katie Day - Tamara - Karen Newman - Louise Latter - Libby Heaney - Louise Paling - Aly Grimes - Rachel Parry - Sarah Todino - Katie Attwood - Katie Finnegan-Clarke - Helen Joy - Gosia Boizecka



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